About Stephanie

Stephanie Zvan lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is excited to tell you why it’s the best city ever and maybe also not for you.

Stephanie’s fiction has appeared in Nature Futures and is anthologized in Nature Futures 2. Her nonfiction has appeared in Uncanny Magazine, the Scientific American guest blog, Sex in the Public Square, and Carnal Nation. She’s contributed to Atheist Voices of Minnesota and a forthcoming anthology about atheism and social justice. The main home for her writing is Almost Diamonds.

She speaks on science, skepticism, and community in a number of venues, including science fiction and fantasy conventions. She participated in SkepchickCon, the skeptic track at CONvergence, from inception to end and hosted conversations on communicating science and critical thinking at the ScienceOnline unconference. She’s presented talks and workshops at skeptic and atheist conferences in the U.S. and Canada. She’s interviewed guests for Atheists Talk radio and television and The Humanist Hour podcast.

Stephanie is the associate president of Minnesota Atheists and on the board of Secular Woman. She helped run three regional conferences for Minnesota Atheists and co-founded Secular Women Work with Monette Richards. Secular Women Work has Kickstarted and run two conferences to date and organizes workshops for Skepticon. She’s also helped run online conferences for Freethought Blogs and The Orbit.

She’s been a champion of anti-harassment efforts in the secular and skeptic movements. You can read more about that work here.